My Twenty-Somethings Ramblings of a Young and Restless


Live Your Life When Nobody’s Watching


Between living at home with a family of five and sharing an apartment with three other girls, solitude is like Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar wins: much deserved but non-existent. So when I do manage to snag some alone time (and Leo, I promise your Oscar will come!) I try to cram in the things that I can only do when nobody else is around. All I Want Is Simon Cowell’s ApprovalOne of my...

midnight freewrite alright


I have a problem. I keep my personal blog as impersonal as possible. Yeah, I’ll reference specific things that I’ve actually experienced, but you can bet it was something that happened to me so long ago that all parties involved are way out of my life. If recent, I’ll keep it vague, casually masking it in a third person point of view, perhaps throwing in a lukewarm-witty joke to...

A Little Determination and Desperation Goes A Long Way


Every girl wants to meet her significant other in a way that will elicit that collective aww when recalled on her wedding day. The story about the time you met your future husband at the seedy dive bar because your college boyfriend broke up with you and you were desperate for a rebound? Ya, not so endearing to Grandma. Romance happens in cafes, in elevators or while volunteering at a benefit...

New Year, New Blog.


New Year Blogolutions Before the world ends, I promise to: 1. Write honestly. I will look to Abraham Lincoln, JD Salinger and Harriet the Spy as my truth-spewing role models. Say goodbye to that “private” tumblr option, as well as any friends who find themselves as the topic of my entries.  2. Write frequently. By frequently I mean as much as my 18 credit course load and raging social...

My Twenty-Somethings Ramblings of a Young and Restless

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