My Twenty-Somethings

Ramblings of a Young and Restless

My Twenty-Somethings

Ramblings of a Young and Restless

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Crazy Stupid Love


By now, I probably come off as someone completely void of experiencing attachment to any living species besides cats and house plants. You probably think I hit the escape button any time a guy tries to get a slice of this fine dime-piece. However, this can’t be further from the truth (okay okay, maybe it’s still a little bit true). But when I get tired of keeping up the whole Miss Emotionally...

Flirting With Disaster


I have a borderline catastrophic character flaw. I refuse to believe that a guy likes me unless he is on one knee professing his love for me with a box from Tiffany’s. Now, before you start accusing me of using this post as a way to publicly flaunt the number of boys who have fallen smitten for this dashing diva, I can assure you that’s not the point of my post (at least not...

Piano Man


Every night as I lie awake, I hear the faint melodies of the piano man. His song escapes through the walls, seeps through the vents, crawls its way under my door and cradles me under the covers.  I hear his heartbeat in each note. His anguish flows through his veins and pours out through his fingertips with the stroke of each key. Are you lonely too, I wonder as I lie in bed. “Didn’t you hear? He...



Friends and fiends, I’ve been trying my best to garner enough inspiration for a new non-fiction post, but I haven’t been able to conjure up anything worth sharing. So instead, I’ve decided that I am going to start sprinkling some poetry and fiction pieces into this blog. I find poetry to be the most personal form of writing. Poetry is stripped of disclaimers and hiding spots. It...

How To Compliment Her Without Actually Complimenting Her


Wish I could write more but pharmacy school mode has kicked in. I have 1 or 2 exams every week until the end of the semester! Perhaps I will have time to write something this weekend. But until then, I thought I’d reblog an older post from my other tumblr that never ceases to be relevant. erinkayy: As much as we secretly hope that our ex boyfriends/boytoys will never have the heart to look...

To Whom I May Have Concerned


After my seemingly depressing free write, I’ve been getting concerned messages from a few friends who probably now think I am on track to becoming a manic, self-loathing spinster. Sameen*, the boyfriend of one of my top 3 besties read my blog and told my Rx-bestie that my post broke his heart and he didn’t know I had such a lonely soul. His comment, in turn, broke my heart so I just...

Live Your Life When Nobody’s Watching


Between living at home with a family of five and sharing an apartment with three other girls, solitude is like Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar wins: much deserved but non-existent. So when I do manage to snag some alone time (and Leo, I promise your Oscar will come!) I try to cram in the things that I can only do when nobody else is around. All I Want Is Simon Cowell’s ApprovalOne of my...

midnight freewrite alright


I have a problem. I keep my personal blog as impersonal as possible. Yeah, I’ll reference specific things that I’ve actually experienced, but you can bet it was something that happened to me so long ago that all parties involved are way out of my life. If recent, I’ll keep it vague, casually masking it in a third person point of view, perhaps throwing in a lukewarm-witty joke to...

My Twenty-Somethings Ramblings of a Young and Restless


I'm a twenty-something who likes learning about people and writing about them.

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