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A Little Determination and Desperation Goes A Long Way


Every girl wants to meet her significant other in a way that will elicit that collective aww when recalled on her wedding day. The story about the time you met your future husband at the seedy dive bar because your college boyfriend broke up with you and you were desperate for a rebound? Ya, not so endearing to Grandma. Romance happens in cafes, in elevators or while volunteering at a benefit concert to save Sarah McLachlan’s animals. And dammit, I am willing to get stuck in hundreds of elevators until I find The One! (Ok, not really. The thought of getting stuck in an elevator and running out of air actually freaks me out.)

My point is, we all want a cute story to tell our future rugrats when they ask about how Mommy and Daddy met. Well, last night, my boss at the pharmacy told me the best “How Did You Meet?” story about her friend. Two magical words: Date Auction. There was a mysterious cutie who had just transferred into their pharmacy class and was being auctioned off at the school’s charity event. Having had her eye on him for months, the girl went around and begged her friends and fellow audience members for extra cash so she could afford to snag her dreamboat. She ended up buying him that night and they are now married with their second child on the way. Ignoring the fact that she bought him by waving a couple of singles in the air, I absolutely adore their Pretty Woman love story. Goes to show you that a little determination and desperation goes a long way, ladies!

That being said, it takes a little initiative to get what you want. And by what you want, I don’t necessarily mean a boyfriend. As much as I love blogging about the dating life, it’s not and never has been my main focus. Right now, my goal is to take more initiative in pharmacy school by committing to more organizations. I encourage you all to do something that’s a bit bolder in some aspect of your life. Apply for that job that seems impossible to get, sing your heart out at the karaoke bar sans inebriation, cut off all your hair even though all your friends insist that you don’t have “the face” for it. Whatever it is, just go for it. Surprise yourself and who knows, maybe your dream job, or yes, even your dream boy, has always just been one spontaneous moment away.

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