My Twenty-Somethings Ramblings of a Young and Restless


I'm a twenty-something who likes learning about people and writing about them.

Can You Hold Down A 9 to 5 Job And Live Life To The Fullest?


I often feel like I’ve been emotionally and spiritually stunted since graduation, a realization that occurs to me every time Simon charmingly (or annoyingly??) asks me what my dreams and visions are for our future. I have nothing to cough up except like, I don’t know, buy a wood-fire pizza oven that we’ll never use, eat 25-cent tacos in Mexico, or something else that involves food. Meanwhile, his...

Still A Twenty-Something With Something To Say


Dear Friends and Fiends, It’s been three years since my last entry that I am now more than halfway into being able to call this blog “My Thirty-Somethings.” As a quintessential millennial snowflake, I just want you to know that this is not my fault. I’d like to blame my lack of writing on a multitude of extrinsic factors that have been keeping me busy, while simultaneously updating you on what...

Making Room: Relationships of the (formerly) chronically single


For the past 9 months, I’ve had the great fortune of experiencing a wealth of love and travel but have had no idea how to translate it onto digital paper without sounding full of myself. And admittedly, unless I’m talking to my friend Sukanya who is really really good at asking specific juicy questions, I’ve been pretty mum about it in real life as well. Because honestly, do people really wanna...

For The First Time In A Long Time


It’s been nearly a year since I’ve published a piece on this blog and honestly, I’m getting hot flashes of anxiety as I type out this first sentence. I feel like a fallen child star clawing her way back to relevancy, praying that you’ll take me back. It’s my first time in a long time, so remember, please be gentle. My friends and I ventured off to France and Spain for 2 weeks this month, hoping...

Nesting, A Tale of Betrayal


My roomies and I were doing seemingly typical Thursday night things – rating engagement rings on the Tiffany website, discussing the pros and cons of raising a child on the east coast vs. the west coast (I’d want a kid with Hollywood charisma but an Ivy League education), comparing the effectiveness of Oxiclean to a trusty storebrand detergent – when it occurred to me. We are nesting. In a...

A Belated Blog’versary!


A year ago, I started this blog as my 2012 resolution to simply write more. I started writing at a young age and it soon became my primary outlet for expression. It’s true what they say about middle children – we are creepily quiet and should be kept at arm’s length. We can be found befriending house plants, peering out behind pillars, being left behind at the airport while our families board...

Maybe My Seventh Grade Self Would Have Given Me Better Advice Than My Fellow Twenty Somethings


hellogiggles: From Our Readers: MAYBE MY SEVENTH GRADE SELF WOULD HAVE GIVEN ME BETTER ADVICE THAN MY FELLOW TWENTY-SOMETHINGS by From Our Readers BEST TUESDAY EVER. My article was published on HelloGiggles today! I also have a flood of new followers which means I need to start keeping my promises by updating my blog more frequently. Bear with me as I get through this slough of midterms and I...

The Perks of Being Reckless


The Perks of Being Reckless

“I want to be edgy. I write this as I lounge around in my pharmacy school sweatpants while listening to the Taylor Swift station on Pandora and nibbling on alfalfa sprouts. I have come to a realization worthy of a quarter-life crisis that the only edge I have is straight edge…”

Indulge Shamelessly


Indulge Shamelessly

I’m sorry I’ve abandoned you guys but I am now a bi-weekly columnist for my college newspaper, The Daily Targum. My column, “Young and Restless” runs every other Tuesday. I’ll be posting my articles up here for ya’ll to read. “Indulge Shamelessly” was my first column which ran two weeks ago. Ready, set, read!

My Twenty-Somethings Ramblings of a Young and Restless

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I'm a twenty-something who likes learning about people and writing about them.


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